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Essex Nepalese Gurkha Community Dashain 2014 Two members of Tamagian family have been living in this area for nearly 10 years and celebrating Dashain & Tihar with their friends and families as a tradition in the same manner as they used to do in their childhood, whilst in India, Hong Kong and Nepal, as well as during their British Army days in Hong Kong, Brunei, United Kingdom, Nepal and other countries, whilst on operational duties & tours.  more...
UK Visit Diary - Capt Hombahadur Gurung Last year, I, along with my wife, went to visit the United Kingdom (UK from mid August till the end of September 2013 after having received invitations from our close relatives living over there in the UK.  It was the summer time; hence the best time to visit the United Kingdom.  Having sought necessary advice from the pundit, who predicted the visit to be a success, we went ahead with our visit plan.  more...
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News & Articles UK Visit Diary - Capt Hombahadur Gurung     Letter from Lt Rambahadur Gurung Fund Raiser for Tamagi Road Tamagi UK Vela 2014 Regeneration of Tamagi - Shambhu Gurung Tamagi Banau - Capt Hombahadur Gurung Pokhara Pizza House - Mr Hem Gurung Tamagi Tamu Samaj UK Membership Grant Devithan Re-construction Contribution List
Visits from Abroad Old Library Music from the Himalayas Tamagi Vela in Tamagi in 2011 The first ever Tamagi Vela in the heart of Tamagi was held in the year 2011.  The event was a grand success.   The attached photographs are clear evidence of this. Stone Village Tamagi! Photographs speak louder than the words. So sad to see these houses look abandoned!  Some have turned in to ruins!  Saddest reality.  Photographs courtesy of Mr Vikram Gurung. Fine Paintings of Tamagi Tamagi through the eyes of the needle of the artists, who have tried to portray Tamagi to the best of their abilities. These photographs, supplied by Mr Vikram Gurung, speak volume. R Gurung MBE and his wife Jamuna from the UK visited Tamagi in December 2008.   This visit would not have been possible without the help of Subedar Karna Bdr Gurung. Mr Taraprakash and his wife Manisha along with Yogita, Ramita and Brisha from Sydney, Australia, and Robin, Prakriti and Akriti from UK visited Tamagi in year 2012. Mrs Sushma Gurung with her husband Hitman and son Suhit from Sydney, Australia visited Tamagi in year 2013.  Mrs Hari Kumari Gurung accompanied them throughout their visit.
Photographs of historical significance can be found in this Old Library.  If you have any photographs, which fit into this category, please submit them for publication.
Enlightenment Stupa Inauguration of Enlightenment Stupa in Tamagi was held on 12 November 2011 in the presence of Tamagi people.  People from nearby villages were also present to witness the event. Devithan Re-construction Re-construction of Devithan was accomplished successfully.  Villagers are seen celebrating the day, when it was reopened to the public.  Photographs courtesy of Mr Sherman Gurung Miss Monica Gurung from the United Kingdom visited Tamagi during her gap year in the year 2012.  She also visited Bhadaure and Tamagi Schools.
Sayapatri - Rachha Bandhan & Anju Panta
Gurung Song - Rachha Bandhan & Anjana Gurung
Relaima - Rachha Bandhan, Junu & Prabisha
Panche Baja - Rachha Bandhan & Mandavi Tripathi
Chalyo Bayan - Rachha Bandhan & Anjana Gurung
Nazar Nazar Ma - Rachha Bandhan & Milan Amatya
Jhamakai Sanjha - Rachha Bandhan & Anju Panta
Majhi Dai - Rachha Bandhan & Junu Rijal
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Nachauna - Rachha Bandhan & Mallika Karki
Congratulations! Hearty congratulations to Miss Pritty Gurung on successfully completing her  BA (Honours) majoring in Economics with Health Studies from the University of Hertfordshire, UK in the year 2014. A very big well done to you &  wish you all the very best in the future.
The Enlightenment Stupa The beautiful enlightenment stupa overlooking the Tamagi village was built in the year 2011 by Mr Hem Gurung. The stupa was inaugarated in the presence of Tamagian people on the 12th of November 2011.  People from the nearby villages and abroad were also present during the opening ceremony.
Tamagi Village Tamagi is a small and beautiful Gurung village in the mid-Western part of Nepal close to Pokhara.  This village is linked by roads from Pokhara via Kandhe in the Pokhara- Baglung Highway as well as via Fewa Lake past Thula Khet and Lampata.  It takes about two hours to get there by public transport and approximately five hours by foot from Pokhara. Food and accommodation have to be arranged prior to any visit as the village has been empty for many years now.  more..  
Dashain 2014 Two members of Tamagian family living in the Essex area celebrated their Dashai 2014 with the members of Essex Nepalese Gurkha Community in an Indian Cuisine in Rochford, Essex.
Tamagi Tamu Samaj UK Vela Members of Tamagi Tamu Samaj living in the United Kingdom held thier Annual Tamagi Tamu Samaj UK Vela at Morden in London, United Kingdom.
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Maya Ko Khoji Ma - Rachha Bandhan
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